Profile, advantages, components and characteristics

At a glance The following applications are possible
Ready-to-install prepreg for optimal application at the construction site Horizontal drilling
No mixing of resin components at the construction site Lang pipe relining
Material thickness 0.8 mm Burst lining
Curing by UV handheld lamps or sunlight Auger boring technique
26 weeks storage stability Base layer for pipe clips
Ground-to-air transition points
  • The GFRP prepreg is manufactured ready-to-wrap.
  • The fully assembled product facilitates easy handling at the construction site.
  • The GFRP prepreg is highly adaptable to the respective material.
  • Excellent curing speeds.
  • High durability makes it possible to use minimal wall thicknesses.
  • Environmentally friendly processes, as chemical additives are unnecessary.
  • No pipe casing necessary during curing.

Our GFRP laminate consists of an ECR glass fabric. It distinguishes itself by a high corrosion resistance against various chemical and physical influences.

Brandenburger offers two different versions. For the normal application in the earth, a UP resin (unsaturated polyester resin, acc. to DIN 18820 group 3; type 1140), which is temperature resistant up to 50 °C.

The second version is a VE resin (vinyl ester resin, acc. to DIN 18820 group 5; type 1310), which can be used under especially aggressive environmental influences.

Technical Components

  • BBProtect® is available in widths of 100 to 800 millimetres and in lengths of up to 200 meters.
  • Each layer of the material is about 0.8 mm thick.
  • The most important measured prepreg characteristics (averages) standard BBProtect®
Technical Data
Density ISO 1183-1 1,89 g/cm3
Compressive strength EN ISO 604 350 N/mm2
Impact strength ISO 179 110 KJ/m2
Hardness DIN EN 59 > 45
Glass-fibre content DIN EN ISO 1172 65 %
Volume shrinkage ISO 2577 2,50 %
Styrene emission < 20 ppm < 20 ppm

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